As everyone knows, all businesses whether small or big always wish to snatch that one influencer with the largest audience on the digital space. It is good to wish and aim higher, but you need not to spend tens of millions for few social media posts just because you want Diamond Platnumz or Vanessa Mdee to post.

Alternatively, you can design your Influencer Marketing Plan around Micro-influencers. The chances are that over 80% of social media users are Micro-influencers since they are defined as accounts with 1,000 to 10,000 followers – according to recent research from Socialbakers. (There are some variations in how Micro-influencers are defined)

A recent study by The Must-Know Influencer Marketing Trends  looked at 12 million Instagram influencers from 2018 through the first quarter of 2019. Among the findings:

  • Brand-sponsored influencer posts increased by 150%
  • Use of #ad doubled more than twice (133%)
  • The engagement didn’t drop that much if the content was sponsored (415 media interactions with #ad posts vs. 442 median interactions without #ad)

“For small and mid-size brands, the economics of Micro-influencers work best,” says Yuval Ben-Itzhak, CEO of Socialbakers; a social media marketing platform. “Our data shows that these influencers, for this scale of brands, can amplify the message by eight times at a very low cost compared to the brand posting content themselves.”

Micro-influencers May Give Better Results.

Recent data have indicated that micro-influencers, with 10000 or less followers are getting the best results for brands and businesses online. To put it in simplest terms, the more engagement, more clicks, higher net profit and lower costs of investment.

At the back, big brands and businesses’ minds may not necessarily have a thought of engaging Micro-influencers in their marketing efforts particularly when influencer marketing is the conversation on the table. But now it is probably the time to pay more attention to this group.

Studies show that at the micro-level, there is the engagement that is more personal, with better costs and budgets, and a massive opportunity to leverage on peer-to-peer marketing. Your customers, who may be people who are following them are genuinely interested in what their peers have to say. Micro-influencers have a strong bond and valuable connections with their audience compared to macro or mega influencers who are major celebrities.

Another opportunity that is crystal clear; Micro-influencers typically engage with the audience more often and authentically than Macro-influencers or mega influencers who are likely not to engage with the content they share at all.

How to Find Micro-influencers and Manage Relationships

There are many ways in which your business or brand can find Micro-influencers. The following are some of them;

  • Contract an Agency to use its influencer database. This will make your work easier.
  • Use a word of mouth. Go around your company and ask employees for recommendations. These are the people they engage with or sees on social media everyday.
  • Get suggestions from existing groups on LinkedIn, WhatsApp etc
  • Scroll through Macro-influencers’ posts to find potential Micro-influencers who frequently comment and contact them directly.

To spice things up, don’t limit yourself to the follower count as the qualifier. Followers really aren’t everything. Content is the King, Engagement is the Queen and the lady rules the house. The King without the Queen or the opposite has no a place, so they say.

Another overlooked exercise in influencer marketing especially in Tanzania is putting in place formal agreements to ensure that both the brand and influencer are on the same page and legally protected. Agreements may include some of the following details;

  • Type of content expected from the influencer
  • Compensation expected from the brand
  • Campaign dates
  • Any required approval processes
  • Content usage rights for the brand etc

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