Who We Are

Serengeti Bytes is a full-service Communications, Public Relations and Digital Media agency. The authentic Serengeti Bytes logo is the lion’s head as it captures what we hold dearly in both our hearts and deeds. There comes the big cats from the endless plains but one stands as the beast of all. The beast with highly distinctive mane and a ferocious roar. In Serengeti, the beast lives as the King and in open woodland, the King in no exception to the nature’s regal.

Bytes by bytes, as the Lion, we move across the endless plains with infinite possibilities to maximize the reach and earned power of media for your brand. Serengeti Bytes is made of seasoned and dedicated team with the zeal to proactive learning of what you want so that we can deliver the best services which the market holds for you. Our team works in harmony as the lion’s pride to change the dynamics and create the future of your dreams.

The conversion you seek; the tools you need; the content you imagine; the relations you aspire, are all with us. We communicate beyond the traditional realm to the digital space with the devotion to learn the best way to serve you. It’s time to feel something and see what you can be. We dare to “Think Beyond Time”.

What We Do

We offer an all-inclusive array of services for today’s business needs, including: building audiences, custom website design and development, we create and make content go viral, enhance public relations and communication efforts, managing online influencer programs and brand’s digital presence, event management, media relations, editorial services, and research on public policy and strategic communications amongst others.


Editorial Services

We can work with you in editing and publishing publications, magazines and other printed and electronic materials, writing and editing creative texts, newsletters, slogans, information brochures. We take the flow and all kinds of ideas to create something worthy your audience attention.

Media Relations

Today, media relations is more of a scientific process based on analysis of reporters’ previous work, their point of view on a particular topic and their previous interactions. Do you need people to have a compelling account about your complex story? Do you want a balanced yet passionate coverage? Place your needs on us!

Website Design

You have an amazing product or service, then what’s next? You need a space to showcase it, an opportunity to demonstrate innovation and possibilities that can be leaped. We do website designing, editing new websites, and improving, development and maintenance of the existing websites.

Influencer Program Management

Our deeply rooted digital knowledge will help your business find the right influential people to elevate your marketing, communications and public relations efforts. We shall identify individuals with command and respect over targeted customers and orient them with both your PR and marketing activities. We will also develop and execute creative and strategic campaigns on social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook).

Social Media Management and Marketing

We create and manage top-performing social media content and campaigns for businesses and brands. Using relevant social media marketing services will help your business to grow and meet your online presence goals on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. We can do all these on your behalf so that you can focus on improving other important areas of your business.

Translation Services

We understand that the translation of your document requires a tailored solution with an individual approach. We specialize in delivering timely, accurate and professional translations for documents from across business sectors. We have experienced personnel who can translate your documents from English, Chinese, French and Arabic to Swahili. All our experts are linguists who are native and proficient in the target language and they are also fluent and competent to the source language.

Research on Public Policy & Strategic Communications

Are you stuck with how processes to create important programs, influence decisions and encourage changes? You shouldn’t get worried anymore! We can help developing your aspirations, watch them as they become a reality and evaluate them.

Event Management

Partners would wish to have a hassle-free event, rest assured that we are dot connectors. We can take care of your worries by planning, organizing and managing any kind of trade event, budget planning and management, venue finding service, online delegate registration service, database management, name badges / delegate bags / folders, on-site event management support and speaker sourcing provision /liaison.


We know writing is very important to tell your story as a person and a brand. Our goal is to get the passion in intricacies of lines afloat and enhance their flow to the people with audio and visual efforts.

Viral Content

Your content needs to be seen and roam beyond the digital space. Waiting for organic growth is one option, but immediate shares, likes, retweets and talks with delightful experience of existence is a better option.

Audience Growth

You need people to hear about your brand. We grow and shape audiences for every network: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn etc

We essentially do everything

Management for your social media, influencers programs, animated videos, content creation, etc



How can people do business with your brand if they don’t know you exist? Use the power of PR to build your brand and reputation and attract new sales. We work with you to developing cutting-edge and innovative solutions for your brand to foster growth and ignite vibrancy within a business industry
As our world becomes more connected via social media, we believe that your strong presence as well as deploying innovative communications and PR efforts becomes more important. Serengeti Bytes understands how your company can benefit when consumers and the media recognize you as an important player within your industry. Leveraging social media, speaking engagements and news coverage, we use our creative approaches to help position your company as a leading and a true competitor within its field
We will help your company gain recognition among industry peers for innovative solutions, which will help to boost recognition and drive sales while increasing consumer brand or product awareness.


Do you have an issue? Does your brand need an image or reputation makeover? Between our crisis communications management, our unique online reputation management, and our online feedback review management, we have the right solution for you.


Whether it’s a product launch, grand opening, or special event promotion, we apply our PR and Digital Communications expertise to solve your specific challenge.


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Kennedy Mmari

Founder and Visionary Leader

Genos Martin

Head of Progammes, Research and Innovations

Acley Pius

Visual Designer

Molly Ian Drabble

PR Lead

Masaka Alex

Software Engineer

Aidan Tarimo

Content Strategist

Sylvester Dionizy

Associate Photographer

Michael Mallya

Director of Communications




Our clients range from individuals, startups, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), government to verity corporate bodies. Working with clients from diverse industries helps us to define their individual needs and integrate them in their intended audiences and larger populations. We help clients to realize their dreams and build their empires while assisting ours. Something that distinguishes us from the rest is that we never apply ‘’one size fits all’’ approach. We tailor a solution for each client through human-centered design methodology which ensures the solutions we formulate are relevant and work to their discrete needs.

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Do you want to see your brand triumph and reputation flourish? Get in touch and let’s excel together!

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